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Spirit lead

Firstly let me tell you about the picture, it was taken minutes before the little fellow in it passed away. It was almost as if he had served his purpose and got me and my friend where we were meant to be and then he left us. My friend named him Fred so that is what we shall call him. So let me tell you his story. I went to my Mums house and discovered that her cat had bought the bird in, but her dog had rescued the bird from the cat and taken him to my dad. Which I feel in itself was a miracle because Patch the dog was so gentle with the bird when he passed him to my dad. I took him home with me because I wanted to do some healing on him and I thought maybe I could help him. It was late

Andy - My Grandad

I'm writing this blog today because I wanted to share with you that my Grandad passed away on the 22nd of February. I am still hurting as I write this, but it would be selfish of me to wish him back here as he was so very ill towards the end and he felt that he was being punished, and he also said that he wanted to die. So many of us see our relatives get to the point where they are wishing to leave and its very sad. Although I do feel that for most of us death comes just at the right time, just as birth does. I wanted to write this blog in memory of him but also to share my experiences that I have already had. He had a very interesting life and served in the army and met my Nanna while