Andy - My Grandad

I'm writing this blog today because I wanted to share with you that my Grandad passed away on the 22nd of February. I am still hurting as I write this, but it would be selfish of me to wish him back here as he was so very ill towards the end and he felt that he was being punished, and he also said that he wanted to die. So many of us see our relatives get to the point where they are wishing to leave and its very sad. Although I do feel that for most of us death comes just at the right time, just as birth does.

I wanted to write this blog in memory of him but also to share my experiences that I have already had. He had a very interesting life and served in the army and met my Nanna while her was in Germany and they came over to the UK and got married. So right from the off, he started life as he went on, working hard and not scared to step out of line and do what he wanted to do.

While I am writing this blog I do have a big orb that keeps coming in and although its not been long since he passed, I have had several experiences and know he is around. This makes me so glad that I do the job I do, while I am sad that my Grandad is not here in the physical sense, I know that he is in a much better place.

There are so many different opinions on how long it is before spirit can get in touch. This is what I say on the subject, it is different for everyone, there is no hard and fast rule and I do get frustrated when people try and say differently. When my Nanna passed away I know that she passed through my home because I had the most awful migraine and it felt like someone came and lifted it from me, it was just taken away and I did think of my Nanna right away as it happened. Then soon after I received the phone call to say she had passed on.

Never let anyone tell you that your experiences are fake or imagined, they are your experiences and your loved ones. They are more likely to try and connect with you at first rather than with a professional medium. I tell my clients this all the time when I am doing a reading because I think its important that you have these private moments with your loved ones rather than them having to come through me.

If you want to connect with a loved one then the first thing to do is to close your eyes and sit quietly and think about them. Focus on everything that is happening while you do this, a small touch or tingle, if there is a change in atmosphere, or a scent coming through. Just do this on a regular basis and see what happens. You will be amazed at how your senses come alive and how quickly loved ones come forward to connect with you.

What you will see as a theme throughout my blogs is that I don't do rules :) I feel that we all have different ways of connecting with spirit and when you start putting hard and fast rules in place then you are in danger of holding yourself back. What is right for one person is wrong for another and can sometimes hold you back because you cannot do it that way. In regards to spirit if you are working with them on a regular basis you will find different ways of connecting and again as with the living, the dead are individual as well.

One last word I would like to add is that you should always treat spirit with respect. Never fall into demanding that they work with you or step forward, treat them as you would a person sat in front of you. If they come on too strong ask them to step back. Sometimes you have to be firm with them as they may not see that they are too strong, but always try and be respectful.

All my love as always xxx xxx x xxx xxx