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Buying your first tarot deck

I am writing this today because I do get frustrated with some of the things said to me day by day when it comes to tarot readings. I am someone that believes one thing that is ok for one may not sit right with someone else. So the first lesson I am going to say to you is that you need do what is right for you. There are many things floating about the internet in the way of what you should do and shouldn't do when buying your cards and keeping them and using them. I have also in the past herd other readers telling clients that things have to be done in a certain special way. Again these particular ways may be right for them but you know spirit don't care how you do things as long as their me

First day of the rest of my life

Well I am writing this after my my first session with a personal trainer. I am going to take a photograph later so that I have some before and after photo's, but they wont be included until a later blog so that there will be a visible difference for you to see. This is another example of spirit coming forward with an opportunity for me, something that I am very grateful for. I do moan a lot at the moment and if you spoke to the lovely spirits that I work with they will nod their heads in agreement. However this opportunity that I have right now is simply amazing and its going to help me change my health. In regards to my health I feel that I have used excuses as to why I eat junk food and p