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The Moon is the influence for 2018

Before I start I would just like to say that this is my opinion on the way things work. If you have read some of the other things I have written you will know that I believe if you are reading this it is meant for you also. I will start off with an introduction as to why I feel that the moon is the influence for 2018. Many years back 2000 was the year I became a single parent, and at the time I wasn't doing this as a career choice, but I still had my tarot cards. However it was not until a few years on that I realised 2000 had been the Fool for me and 2001 had been the Magician and so on and so forth. To cut a rather long story short when I started reading tarot more as a career I discov

What I mean by 'spirit'

This is a short blog about the term spirit, that as you get to know me I will use a lot. I think that in a general way people will assume that its my personal guide or a family member that has passed. However when I say spirit, its just in a general way and I am just using it so that you know that I don't mean working with a person. Rather that I am working with something unseen or something that you couldn't really explain. I think that when you start working 'with spirit' (haha there is it again) that you will go through a stage of trying to explain to people what or who you feel you were working with. Sometimes it can be really difficult especially if you are talking to a none belie