The Moon is the influence for 2018

Before I start I would just like to say that this is my opinion on the way things work. If you have read some of the other things I have written you will know that I believe if you are reading this it is meant for you also. I will start off with an introduction as to why I feel that the moon is the influence for 2018.

Many years back 2000 was the year I became a single parent, and at the time I wasn't doing this as a career choice, but I still had my tarot cards. However it was not until a few years on that I realised 2000 had been the Fool for me and 2001 had been the Magician and so on and so forth. To cut a rather long story short when I started reading tarot more as a career I discovered that for a lot of people it was also the same and that each year was representing the corresponding tarot card for its number. So last year was the star year and it was the year when you were to realise that your dreams were within your reach. Things would have happened to push you forward in the right direction. For some of you that could have been quite difficult, but necessary. So lets see what the moon is about and what it means generally for people in 2018.

So the Moon is a lovely feminine energy and I use her for my grounding and protecting technique. She is connected to lots of different Goddesses and Gods so she is very versatile and most people can connect with the moon on some level. I have a very loving personal connection with the Moon because I tap into the energy for healing and empowering. However the she can be quite a difficult energy as she guides you to look at all areas of yourself even those parts you don't like. I have worked with the Moon for many years and I am used to her energy but those of you that don't connect on a personal level when you do it can be quite the learning experience. Also the first month of 2018 has two full moons in it and they are both said to be super moons so that is a lovely connection to start the year off with and I feel it quite ties in with my analogy that the Moon tarot card represents the influences around us for 2018

So what are we to expect with this influence. The Moon influence is about looking at yourself and accepting every part of who you are, even the parts you feel are your negative traits. This is difficult for some as they like to hid their problems away and not face them. However I feel like this will be a year of finally facing up to the things we don't like about ourselves and our lives and changing them or living with them. My personal opinion is that you should embrace every part of yourself, we are all different and I feel that trying to change for other peoples benefit is both soul destroying and depressing for us. If you are truly unhappy with the way you are living your life then yes by all means change it, but don't change it if you are happy but other people aren't. I will share a secret with you now because I am writing this and there is something happening around me right now where I am almost keeping a side of myself hidden from a fairly new group of people I am involved with. This being the Church congregation that I have started attending and regularly go to. Only one person I have said out loud to that I am a tarot reader and energy healer. I am not sure who knows and I do know that some wouldn't approve of what I do at all. Some people do not know and others I feel it is the proverbial elephant in the room, doing what i do, I feel like its been discussed with some and others have been kept in the dark because they wouldn't like what I do. I am going to bring bring the subject up before the new year comes in, but I will continue going to Church because it is now a part of my life. So for all of you out there who feel they need to change for other people, simply don't. If people don't like you for who you are then just make room for other people in your life, people who appreciate what you do and accept you for who you are. I feel that 2018 is going to push people one way or the other. They are either going to embrace themselves fully and let negative people move out of their life and surround themselves with friends that fully appreciate them. Or they will hide in the shadows and become more depressed about who they are and try and change so the will be accepted. If you are reading this blog please do not become one of those people who just want to be accepted.

Ok moving on I feel that this year will be about learning to love yourself and learning that everyone has both a good and bad side to them. No one is all good and no one is all bad, its as simple as that and its the same for ourselves. We all do bad things at some point and we all do amazing things. So learn to love all sides of yourself and I am going to be writing some blogs on ways to honour yourself so keep your eyes open for those in the future.

The next thing is learning to trust your intuition, I do a lot of readings for people where they say 'yes I got that feeling' and my answer is that they should learn to trust themselves more. We all have the intuitive side, but most of us don't trust ourselves enough to tune into it. For most of us there are times in our lives where we knew someone was going to be negative towards us or knew a situation was a negative one but we continued because we wanted to give that person a chance, then they did something that hurt us. I feel like our intuition is going to be heightened by spirit this year, and if you are already on that spiritual path I feel that you will find your intuition is clearer for you. What I want you to do this year is to trust yourself and what you feel about situations. I also feel that spirit are going to start coming in closer and I feel that quite strongly the Fae folk are going to come out more this year. There is a lot of movement in that area and for those of you who don't know who the Fae folk are, they are the elemental spirits that connect with earth, fire, water and air. They are getting restless with the way the earth is being destroyed and I do feel that the water elemental's are going to start making more of an appearance as they are the ones that have been left alone but I get the impression they are being called upon because of the issues with pollution and fracking and other issues that we humans are causing. So I do feel that people are going to start reporting more spirit activity in 2018

What I would say for people on a personal level is that they are gong to start seeing themselves become more sensitive and intuitive. I would say that this year is the best time to start thinking about the changes you have always wanted to make in your life. It is possible change your path, the first step is always the hardest, but I feel that many of you will have taken that first step in 2017 so think about how you can take that second step to get you on track with achieving the things you want. Also in regards to the things you want, don't be surprised if this year you change direction and realise that you want something else. If this is the case, don't worry about other people and what they think, you are allowed to change the direction you are going in. This year I am encouraging people to embrace their own paths, so change yours to suit yourself and don't feel selfish about it.

I am going to bring this blog to an end now so that you don't start getting bored and I don't start repeating myself :) So remember that for 2018 you need to trust yourself more and let people drift out of your life that are no long a good part of it. Its a year to be selfish and answer the call of your soul because I feel that things are shifting now and that spirit are going to start taking a more active role in the world we like to call ours.

Lastly I am wishing you all a lovely time for the new year celebrations, whatever you are doing I hope its good for you and again do whatever you feel is right for you.

all my love Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx