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My Vegan Journey

I'm through my first week yet on my quest to become a vegan, and I feel that it is going well. That is until I tell you I have done nothing but eat junk food. However I am going to start monitoring what I am eating and try to eat more healthy food from now on. If you don't already know I have tried the vegan lifestyle before and failed at it, but this time I tied it in with Lent a Christian time of the year. I am really proud of myself so far as even when I have gone out I have made sure the food I was eating was vegan and also had black coffee when alternative milk wasn't available. Although I have done a massive amount of research to see what vegan dishes my local takeaways have on the

Loving yourself this valentines day

What I find is that people either love or hate valentines day. There are the people who are in love and expecting a gift or gesture from a loved one. Or the people who are on their own and feel lonely and depressed. There are also the people who are in difficult relationships that dread the day because they know they are going to have an argument or they will simply receive nothing from the person they share their life with. One of my favourite memories for valentines day has to be when I spent it with my friend who had terminal cancer. It was his last valentines day and because he was single and I had been for a long time we didn't even realise it was that day. He had asked me to drive

Set backs

You will remember a while back I wrote a blog about my training and it has been a bit hit and miss. I will say that at this moment in time I am disappointed with my progress because I have had to miss a lot of sessions and I have been ill as well which has made me miss many more sessions. I am on a break from the training sessions at the moment because I have a really bad cough and I cannot do any sort of exercise without coughing. However lent is coming up and for those of you who are of the Christian faith you will know that lent is a time of giving things up. I plan to give up dairy again. I have tried before to do this before but this time I thought I would make it a more spiritual jou

Coincidence or Synchronisity

After a day that I would say was full of synchronicity I decided to write this blog. Too many people pass off things as coincidence instead of looking at the bigger picture and seeing that certain things were meant to happen or are being bought to our attention for a reason. It is up to us to then either pay attention or just pass it off and never take the situation any further. I have had too many incidents to recount where I have been in the right place at the right time, or bumped into someone because I had taken a different route or been delayed. Often people are frustrated by my attitude of allowing spirit to lead me. I may have mentioned this before but I work with the Fae, who are a