What I mean by 'spirit'

This is a short blog about the term spirit, that as you get to know me I will use a lot. I think that in a general way people will assume that its my personal guide or a family member that has passed. However when I say spirit, its just in a general way and I am just using it so that you know that I don't mean working with a person. Rather that I am working with something unseen or something that you couldn't really explain.

I think that when you start working 'with spirit' (haha there is it again) that you will go through a stage of trying to explain to people what or who you feel you were working with. Sometimes it can be really difficult especially if you are talking to a none believer. I have often seen people smirk when I am talking about the elemental's (faeries) or trying to explain where I get my information from. So a while back I started using the term spirit and it seems to serve me well because when I am doing readings I can say that spirit are telling me this or that, rather than saying that the Lady death has stepped in to say their Grandmother is not able to step forward today as she has not long passed but will be with them in a few days. So I will use the term spirit, so that it makes it easier for the person I am reading for and they don't have to think too hard about where their loved one is.

The other thing is that when I am giving offerings to whom ever I am working with at the time its difficult to explain to people how this works and who they are so again I use the term spirit. If you are going to be a regular reader of my blogs you will soon see that the term will be spread around my writing and it does help to make the writing easier to read.

You may or may not appreciate my use of the word spirit, but its something that I have become accustomed to and will continue to use if I feel the need for a general term. Otherwise I will use the correct term for whatever I am referring to.

I hope that helped to understand me a little bit more and understand my blogs

all my love Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx