First day of the rest of my life

Well I am writing this after my my first session with a personal trainer. I am going to take a photograph later so that I have some before and after photo's, but they wont be included until a later blog so that there will be a visible difference for you to see. This is another example of spirit coming forward with an opportunity for me, something that I am very grateful for. I do moan a lot at the moment and if you spoke to the lovely spirits that I work with they will nod their heads in agreement. However this opportunity that I have right now is simply amazing and its going to help me change my health.

In regards to my health I feel that I have used excuses as to why I eat junk food and put weight on and dont exercise enough. Those of you that know me have heard me talk about wanting to become vegan but then going back to eating dairy even though I dont agree with where it comes from. So In regards to my diet, at the moment I am vegetarian but once I get myself back into a routine of exercise and healthy eating I will make the pledge to become vegan again.

Back to my exercise session, it did go better than expected and my friend who is doing the training for me was quite easy on me I felt, and he did say that he would step it up next week a little bit. I do need to lose weight as well as tone up and get fitter, so there will be different kinds of exercises to do on that scale as well.

What I feel is that I am now 45 and I need to get on top of my health now, its getting in the way of my life and I know that if I carry on I will have a heart attack or stroke to contend with and in regards to my diabetes I am on the maximum tablets and if it gets any worse I will be having to inject. So it goes to show you just what a bad diet will do to you if you constantly eat bad. So my aim is to get fit and exercise and lose some weight and get myself back on track with a healthy diet and exercise, then I will go back to a vegan diet.

Some of you may be saying that I should go vegan now but I am planning on at least 3 times a week exercise and weights to tone, and I am researching into a vegan diet right now that can incorporate my lifestyle. David Haye is a boxer that is now vegan so I will be looking into what he eats on a regular day for training and that kind of thing.

Anyway back to the point, as much as I complain about certain things in my life, this is one of the most amazing opportunities that I have been offered ever and it will change my life around. My trainer/friend is going to help me learn how to exercise and over the next 6 weeks I should be able to exercise on my own and also start going to the gym on my own. So lets see how I get on and in around 4 weeks time I will maybe have the courage to show some before and after photo's.

Im signing off for now but will report back regularly about my exercise sessions and my diet.

All my love Suzi xxx xxx x xxx xxx