Spirit lead

Firstly let me tell you about the picture, it was taken minutes before the little fellow in it passed away. It was almost as if he had served his purpose and got me and my friend where we were meant to be and then he left us. My friend named him Fred so that is what we shall call him.

So let me tell you his story. I went to my Mums house and discovered that her cat had bought the bird in, but her dog had rescued the bird from the cat and taken him to my dad. Which I feel in itself was a miracle because Patch the dog was so gentle with the bird when he passed him to my dad. I took him home with me because I wanted to do some healing on him and I thought maybe I could help him. It was late in the day and there was no one we could phone and on the internet it said that taking a bird to a normal vet would result in him being put to sleep. He kept on preening himself and sitting up and hopping about occasionally so I thought he had a chance. I stayed with him all night helping him be comfortable with healing energy and keeping him warm and provided water for him.

In the morning I called a sanctuary that I knew to be a nice place but they didn't take in birds and gave me the number to somewhere I had never herd of that specialise in rescuing birds. So I called my friend and off we set after phoning, and it was a good 40 minutes drive. All the way the little guy would perk up a bit and preen himself and he just looked like he was making an effort. We found the sanctuary and then within no more than 2 minutes of being inside the place he died. And I mean he just started having a fit and he died. It was very odd that he waited for that moment I thought, until we had a look round and the first thing we saw were two lovely big black crows and a couple of magpies. The we realised that maybe we had been bought here because if he had died then we wouldnt have gone.

Speaking to the woman that run it she was so passionate and she even had rescue pigeons and an owl with one eye. Geese roaming around and a heron that had been wounded. The funny thing is that the place isnt open to the public and we would never have gone there if we didnt have this little bird. The passion that the people volunteering there showed to this place was amazing. I can only thank little Fred for showing us the way there. The other amazing thing is that the woman has offered us help to make the area of the church into a wild garden. She was so enthusiastic that it made me realise there are still some amazing people in this world. Im going to share the link below so that if you have an injured bird and dont know what to do with it you do have somewhere to take it and also please do look at their wish list and see if you have some items that they could use. Copy and paste the link below please until I have learned how to edit it so I can have an active link in my blogs :)


All my love Suzi xxx xxx x xxx xxx