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Sorry I have been away for so long

This is the first blog I have written since January, and for this I apologise to you. Everything I try to do is getting interrupted and my plans to get into an organised routine are just not happening at the moment. I feel as if I am constantly being interrupted by people and living life from one moment to the next. I am actually down to writing out a list of jobs for each day so that I can get through them one by one, and even then something tries to get in the way. The blogs I plan to write over the next few weeks will be around my personal experiences that I have had recently and also some around spiritual development. I am the sort of person really needs a personal assistant following me around telling me what I need to do next. I also am on the path of de-cluttering my home and this is proving to be something I have very little time to do and very difficult as well, as I am someone that likes to upcycle. I may treat, or punish you depending on how you view it, to a blog about my de-cluttering. The other thing I plan to do is to take a look at individual tarot decks and take some pictures and give a review of them so that people can have a more detailed look for themselves.

I am currently writing this while sat in Afflecks in Manchester, in-between my private readings. This is how little time I seem to have at the moment, so please bare with me for now. I will try and get some new content onto my website over the next few weeks.

I am going to tell you a little secret now, I did start writing this blog in February and then didn't get time to finish it. This just tells you how busy I am at the moment. I am finding that there is so much I need to do and so many important things that I am not doing because of every day things getting in the way. I do have some good news however, my eldest daughter is pregnant with my first Grandchild and this is one of the things that is taking up my time right now and keeping me busy as she is not well with the pregnancy.

I have allowed myself to get weighed down with problems and let them over power me and I am determined not to do that anymore. I am telling you this so that you understand that I can suffer as well. I do have depression which is mainly down to being an Empath I feel, and I am currently finding it worse as there are so many awful things that are happening in the world. I have tried to watch the news again and I find that all it does is make me miserable, so I am going to have to step back from it again for a short while, just while I get back into the swing of things.

So to end this blog on a nice vibe, I am planning to start a You Tube channel once I have my alter room finished. I will also be doing a series about good news things and things that people have done to inspire me. There will be something coming up also about Joan of Arc for those who are interested as I do identify with her in some ways. So keep a look out for all that and have a lovely day, whatever you are going back to.

all my love Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx