My First Blog

I have decided to add a blog to my website so that you can get to know more about me. At the moment the regularity of them will be a bit hit and miss, but I hope to start adding a regular post with interesting things that I come across from day to day. You may not always find it interesting or agree with what I am saying, but these blogs will be my personal feelings and my beliefs, so its ok to to disagree or feel that you dont like my opinion. I wont take offence

Today I am sitting writing this in a lovely little pub in Manchester havng breakfast. Im a veggie so I have opted for the veggie option and they do a particularly nice home made hash brown with the breakfast. I dont always have my breakfast out but having had not much sleep last night I thought I would treat myself. So Im up and out of the door for around 7.30 and parked in Manchester by about 8, Guns n Roses blaring in the car on the way in. I will tell you at this point that I am considering becoming vegan. I have tried several times but always slipped back. Now I am 45 but when I was around 14/15 years old I became veggie and never looked back. Never once did I feel that I was missing the flesh of an animal and it never really bothered me, probably because I had never really liked meat. I will tell you the story of how I became veggie in another blog. Getting back to the point, I dont understand why I am finding it so difficult to become a vegan. Some of it is the expense to get foods that mimic cheese and milk and butter. I am not the sort of person that preaches, but I do get disgusted at my self for eating animal products and so it should be easy. Also I have various health problems and when I do the vegan diet they lessen and start to go. So you see it should be easy for me, and this will be one of the things that I will talk about over the coming months, maybe it will help me keep on track, maybe it wont, but we will see.

As I am writing this I have picked up a male spirit with dark hair and he had a dodgy ticker and something that made him tremble or shake before he passed over. Im debating whether or not to ask the staff if thye know of a ghost in here, but sometimes it can be odd for people, so I dont always like to. I may do before I leave. Its always so difficult to make that decision as some people dont like to be told about things like that, and others make fun. Its good when it happens and you come across someone who enjoys it, thats when I love what I do. Its worth saying that this point that I have never had any formal training and where spirit is concerned I never say I am a medium but this is because I dont feel that I am good enough. Maybe my confidence will pick up in time because when I get spirit in Ive not been wrong yet, only once could a woman not take the information, but then she came back to me and told me that when she asked in the family that she could now take the spirit that was around her. Im going to leave off for now and drink another coffee before I start work.

I do hope you enjoyed this blog, and that I didnt ramble on too much. Let me know what you think.

p.s. I wrote this original blog on Friday August the 18th I just changed where my blog was being shown.

All my love Suzi xxx xxx x xxx xxx