Being Grateful - Angel number 666

So I am trying to catch up on everything and I go to my Facebook page and it says 'likes 666' this is a typical way that spirit try and catch my attention, and it makes me smile every time. There is one person in particular that I do think about with that number but it is not exclusive to him. He was a lovely cheeky soul and passed away far too young, but that is a story for another time. Of course there are people that scream 'its the devils number' when they see it. I don't have time for those type of people at all. The number, if you do some research, is all about hope and to push you forward to a higher purpose. You are being told to step away from negative thinking and focus on your journey. Let go of your fears because spirit are with you and so that is what I am going to do.

When I look at my situation right now, things could be a lot worse. I live on my own and that means that because I can work from home I can fully isolate myself. All my bills can be paid online and I can get my shopping online if I wish to. I can work fully from home and I have everything I need here and so I am really grateful to spirit for this. Things could have been so much worse for me if I was still working in Manchester and because I am diabetic and asthmatic I could be high risk if I caught this Covid19.

So today I am going to finish clearing out my office area in between taking readings . Once this area is all nice and decorated and filled with my spiritual things I will be able to start my video blogs as well. I am actually enjoying this time where I have to stay in, I am a bit of a hermit and I do love my own space so much. So at the moment I have to say that I am in an okay place and managing.

There is a new moon coming up on the 16th of this month so I am hoping to get most things done in here by then so I can have a bit of a cleansing and meditation session to sort of declare it open so to speak :) I will get some pictures together for my blog off course so that you can all see where I am working from and get a feel for how I like to work.

So if you are reading this today then try and be grateful for what you do have and keep an eye out for the signs coming in from spirit. They are always around and just need a bit of encouragement to interact with you.

all my love Suzi xxx xxx x xxx xxx