2022 - Make or break

This year being 2022 and having the master builder number 22 in it means that we are in a year of changes and to put it bluntly if you do not bend with those changes then you are going to quickly find that the energy of the universe is not working with you. Wow what a doom and gloom statement I can hear some of you saying, but we are coming to a crisis point in the world in general and people are still only thinking about themselves, and not in a way of making sure their family are provided for, in a way of refusing to make changes because they dont care about the world in general. I mean one of the things I tell everyone to do is to put themselves first because it is important that you focus on your own wishes and dreams. However when I say this, I do not mean that you should do this at the expense of the world in general. So 2022 is when you should try and think about what changes you can make for yourself and ones that would benefit the world in general.

Why make or break? Well after the Covid19 things have changed a great deal, both in our personal lives and across the world as a whole. Now there are a lot of things going on that I could ramble on about, but one of them I would like to draw peoples attention to is that there is a law the Government are trying to bring in that would affect our rights to demonstrating against things we disagree with. Now I am not talking about any violent methods that people may use, I am talking about peaceful demonstrations. I will not go on about this too much as there is plenty of information on the internet for you take a look at. What I will say is that people are very distracted around whether or not to have the vaccine and other issues around the whole Covid19 situation and they are not looking at the other things like the law about demonstrations that are slipping through. Its the first time I have really been taking notice about what the Government are doing and really looking at politics as a whole. Im quite worried that if we do not do anything about it then in a few years time we will be living in a very different UK. One phrase that springs to mind is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

I plan to focus on my business this year as it is an ideal place for me to start with this year being connected to master builder number. I feel as if I have delayed things for too long and let my energy be manipulated and so I am starting this year on a positive note and have shut down the shop on my website while I revamp it and get moving again with my wire sculptures and I am going to introduce some lucky dip crystal bags, lucky dip tarot an oracle and just keep it simple, maybe introducing some sage at a later date when im more organised and go back to making jewellery. I will be organising myself so I can get back to doing some local fairs and also focusing some of my energy on helping my local church organise thier fairs and getting more involved witih helping out there. The last year ive had quite a lot of health issues that have held me back, but that is another story for another day.

So back to make or break, it is important that you focus on bending your energy to fit in with how the universe wants you to move. Any changes need to be accepted for the moment,within your own life that is and you will see that if you do this, things will not seem as bad when major changes start to happen. One thing that people need to do is to step back from holding onto negative situations. Stop pursuing that person who you think is the one you are destined to be with. Or that job that you feel is the only job you will be happy at. It is time to let go of things that are not working and mae you constantly feel uncomfortable and make room for the new. You will find that if you do not, then situations will become more and more difficult as the year goes on and you are going to feel like you are not moving anywhere with your life. Letting go is the hardest thing you can do and I want you to think about it for the new year. The energy is great for this type of action and you will find that once you have done this that new opportunities and people are going to just flow into your life.

I will keep this short and sweet as I have not posted in a while and I wanted to just let people know about the 22 effect for next year. Watch this space as I am going to start working more on line and doing more inclusive things with you my followers. I am planning a twitch stream and planning to build a patreon site and do some workshops. So keep an eye out for upcomming new things around this site and my social media.

Take care and have a lovely happy new year for 2022, accept the changes and let go of the negative and you wil be okay.

all my love WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx