2021 - The World

Okay welcome back to my blog and I think that this year will be a year of making it or breaking it for most people. Ive not written anything much this year as I have had a lot going on in my personal life. I have been doing my own soul searching about where things are going in general. Now last year was judgement being 20 and what a judgement it was with the covid19 hitting hard. My personal view on that was people didnt take it seriously and look at where we are now, going around in circles and we are still in the same position as we were last year. I feel like it has bought out the best and the worst in people and those that were able to adapt will thrive this year and those that are unable to bend and go with the flow will not. I am in a particularly unique position in that I can work from home and I have no children at school and live on my own. I remember when I was kicked out of the shop I was doing readings in and there is always a reason for everything and I had asked spirit to act in my best interest and now I fully understand. When the covid19 hit this country I was away from people and not working in a pokey little booth with people sitting ontop of me having readings and touching my cards, and so I have been kept safe and I am glad of that. So something that was devistating for me at the time turned out to be a potential life saver, as I am diabetic and asthmatic. This is what I want you all to remember that if you go with the flow and allow spirit to guide you, even difficult things can turn into something that pushed you into a better place.

So onto this year, the world card being number 21 is a card that comes in when a chapter is ending and it often means that you have been through big changes and are finally on that last leg of your journey. You are told that you need to reflect on how you got here and also try not to be angry or upset with some of the things that have happened. This is a time for you to see your achievements and let go of anything that does not serve you anymore, although I suspect that for a lot of you this started to happen last year, because judgement can be a hard task master. On a personal level, there were several lessons that I learnt last year and I am still going through some changes.

I think the problem a lot of people have is that they are stuck in a routine or way of life and they will not consider changing or even trying to and this is when things start to get difficult. When the world comes to you it is telling you to change anything that is outdated and holding you back, be open to new ideas. I understand it can be difficult, but there is no time left any more, we are in a pandemic and it is going to get to the point where we are going to be literally locked in our houses if we do not comply with what is being asked. As I am writing this I have the news on and they are talking about thousands of people attending raves and secret parties. I just cannot understand people, and when they get ill or more importantly pass the virus onto someone they care about, then they will be sorry. I am not in favor of any kind of dictatorship, but the world at the moment is full of selfish people who do not care about the planet or anyone else. I will not go on about this because I could write pages about some of the things that I have heard and seen. I can see that we are going to end up locked in our houses and I also feel something bigger than this is coming. We are not learning from this and I can see that this virus will either mutate into something bigger or something else will hit that will be more infectious. Even when I go out there is hardly anyone wearing a mask and people dont seem to be distancing that well either. Anyway lets get back to what the world means for this year :)

As I said earlier it will be either make or break this year, so please if you can try and bend and go with the flow. It can be difficult and I do understand that, but if you do not work with this new lifetyle it could end up putting you in a really bad place. I wish I could give better news but I think that we should all for the moment try and adapt and change our lifestyles to suit the world at the moment, of course where you can. I understand that there are some people in real dire circumstances and things are not getting better because of the Government dithering about but things feel as if they are getting out of control now and I do feel as if most people are burying their head in the sand right now.

So putting the covid19 situation aside this year should bring in situations that you still need to deal with and then you can move on. This can be confusing because sometimtes you think you have moved on from a situation and then realise that you haven't. The advise is not to jump right back into a past situation because it is not the right thing to do, think about new paths and tying up lose ends so that you can fully move one. By the end of this year you should be aiming to be getting ready for a new era in your life, so don't be scared of saying goodbye to some outdated things in your life and starting new projects. If something is not working then its time to let it go now. I do hundreds of readings where people are not willing to let go of a person or situation and they come back to me month after month trying to see if it will change for them, often missing out on new opportunities because of it. So do not be that person, let go of the things that are not working and you will find new paths and opportunities will appear in your life. Im going to end this blog now by asking you all to stay safe and isolate where possible.

All my love Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx