The World Today

I'm writing this because I am so frustrated with the human race at the moment. How we treat each other and how we treat the planet and the other residents that live on this earth with us. My empathy is really affecting me at the moment and all I see on the news is things about pollution and people hurting each other, and hurting animals etc.

What upsets me is the way other people react to those who are choosing a more compassionate way of life. I have been vegetarian since I was a teenager and I have always come across people telling me I was just being attention seeking and that animals were there to be eaten. Well my opinion is that while there is a natural order, survival of the fittest and all that, no other animal factory farms an other animal so it can sit and gorge itself on it. Most animals will kill another one and then eat its fill and move on, you don't see them killing several and then leaving them to rot and go to waste. That is a human thing.

People that know me do know that I am struggling with being completely vegan, and that is because I am not standing up to the people around me. When I go for something to eat or someones house its difficult to get a vegan option sometimes. I saw a post today on twitter from peta where it was an advert for adult cows searching for their children in the guise of a missing child poster. It really hit home for me and I breast fed my children so I can feel the hurt of the cow missing its child. I cant imagine having to then give up milk day after day so that someone else could have it.

I always wonder who was the first human to decide we should suckle from a cow, and yet it is so the norm that people think it weird if we choose not to.

Getting back to the picture, one day I will get arrested for arguing in the street with someone dropping litter on the floor. Why on earth would you do that, although having said that, I was at Piccadilly station recently and there were no bins there, I had to walk 5 minutes to find a bit outside of the station. What is all that about.

The thing that is really getting annoying at the moment is the whole massive thing people are making about carrier bags in the supermarkets. Now they used to give away free plastic ones, but Morrisons now have paper ones that are 20p each. This is my problem, if you could give away plastic ones you can give the paper ones away as well. They do have re usable bags for sale as well but the Morrisons I use very rarely have them in, and the checkout people can get very smug when you complain about it, one woman was smirking at the only a few weeks back. Then I asked her thoughts on Morrisons carbon footprint and whether she thought that using paper bags would even make a difference to the amount of pollution they produced as a company.

It's not that I am bothered by the lack of plastic bags, in fact it is a good thing but it is the way the big companies act like they are doing a massive thing by not using them any more. In Asda the checkout people guard them like they are solid gold bags, it is absolutely ludicrous the fuss they are making because finally they are doing something that other countries were doing years ago. I get so frustrated by it because while yes we should be driving less and yes we should be re using carrier bags, but what difference is it making while big companies are still polluting and we have the rain forest situation, and the plain simple fact that animal farming is one of the biggest problems for pollution. I just don't understand what we think we are doing.

Anyway... lol … rant over but I think that if you are reading this then please don't think I am telling you how to live your life, its just my opinion and I am moving more over to being a vegan every day now. At the moment I cannot do right for wrong, the vegan lifestyle is a difficult one to start, the level 5 vegans will have a go at me for not doing it right off and the meat eaters around me will have a go at me for moving towards that lifestyle. So as always I will do things at my own pace and know that at the moment I am doing my best.

All my love to you who is reading this Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx