More than half way

Well we are officially in the 8th month of the year and I cannot believe how quickly its come around. I only realised because I am getting ready to be on a pride float, and this will be my 3rd float, and hopefully not my last.

It has been a funny year and with it being connected to the sun tarot card and the odd year I have had, I am coming to the conclusion that I need to take a look at what is around me and utilise it better. This is in my personal life, my creative life and my work life. I am going back to my art work and my jewellery. I have also taken up crocheting again, and this is because I have a lovely little Grandson on the way, so it rekindled the past when I used to crochet for my own children. So I may be progressing onto making crochet things to sell as well. I am just trying to make some time so I can get back to making things as it is what I love doing... as well as tarot reading of course :) All I can say on that is WATCH THIS SPACE.

It does feel like this year has gone much quicker than expected and with next year being 2020 and connected to the Judgement card I really want to catch up with things and get on the right side of things and in a positive mind set. My ultimate goal is to get into a routine so that I can fit in some creative time and time with friends and also build my business up. I am planning some classes but have not got so far as to sit down and do the writing up of them. I want to do tarot reading classes and basic spiritual development to get people on the right track. Also I am planning a vision board building class that will span over several weeks because I feel that everyone should be cosmic ordering now and realising the benefits of positive thinking. All this can get done if I can get myself into a routine and have set times for everything. However those that know me personally know how difficult this is for me :)

As a last note I would just like to add that nothing stays the same and while some things have suited you when you started them, they will not suit you forever. Never feel that you cannot live without something in your life, because you can. There is always something else, and nearly always better to replace what is left behind. So remember that while you are making your plans for the rest of the year.

all my love to those reading this Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx