Throwing The First Stone

John 8:7 7When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her."

How many of you are surprised at me using a quote from the bible :) It is no secret to those who are closest to me that I have been attending a church as regularly as I am able now since April 2017. When I say Church I do not mean a spiritualist Church, I mean a Church of England. I did go to a spiritualist Church and didn't feel welcome at all, maybe a journey for another day. The Church I attend now has been a life saver to me when I have been down and if you had said to me prior to finding this little gem, that I would have been getting up on a Sunday morning to go to Church I would have laughed in your face, but here I am. The story of how I found the Church is indeed for another day, and I will write a blog on it soon because I am now confirmed in the Christian faith by an Anglican Bishop and one of my gatekeepers/guides is also an Anglican Bishop, so many synchronicities there as well.

Getting back to the point of the blog, casting a stone, or judging someone is easy to do, and people judge based upon appearances or someone's lifestyle, or simply just on what they have heard from other people. This quote from the bible was in one of the gospel readings and the vicar also raised the question about the fact that if the woman was being accused of adultery she must have been committing adultery with someone and the man was not being accused of anything. Which in itself is a valid question. The verse had been chosen because of the news about the Sulten of Brunei implementing that gay men would be stoned to death. If you have not heard about this and want to read more then copy and past the following link...

When I have said to people that I am now a member of the Church, they make an assumption that most Christians are anti gay, which in my experience is not the case. The congregation in my parish for the most part just get on with their lives and fundraising are normal people. It is so easy to judge who people are until you get to know them.

At the moment I am being judged in different ways from different people for different things. My neighbours are an ongoing issue and that will never change. (just a note to say only one or two people are against me, most of my neighbours are lovely) Although looking at the lives they lead and how unhappy they are I can understand why they need someone to point at and blame things on. I have issues with people from a work perspective, even people who do the same job as me are having a bitch about my methods, and even down to the colours I choose to be surrounded by. It amazes me how people can feel threatened by someone who is the least threat to them. If they got to know who I was I'm sure they would be surprised.

I am writing this blog today because I'm up late and thinking about how lovely it would be live at night and sleep in the day. It is so peaceful and lovely and the rain is falling right now and I am sat here crocheting away in between working. Some people think I am crazy but I truly don't care, and what is crazy anyway. I love the job I do and even though I have been through a difficult few months, most of that is because of outside interference. The things I get accused of are really quite funny to me and I think if some people could get away with it they would stand outside my home and throw stones at my home and in fact at me as well.

So as a last thought, when you are thinking about pointing the finger at someone and accusing them of something take a moment and have a think. Are they really what you are accusing them of being, and have they done what you think they have done, do you have any proof of that? Don't get caught up in hysteria it can be catching.

all my love Suzi... aka... WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx