Getting back on track

This year has been exhausting for me, and considering it is the sun according to my blog from the beginning of the year I had started to wonder what was happening, then I thought about one of the things the sun reminds you and that is, often you have everything you need around you. So don't go looking for something new, have a look at what you already have and you will find a way forward. I am aware that I have neglected my blog and website and I am going to catch up on it I promise. Considering that I tell people nearly every day of the week about negative energy and negative people and everything happening for a reason I have fell prey to it myself lately and this has carried on from last year. I have felt in a repeating pattern and it has been difficult but just sitting here writing is helping me see how things have affected me. It is amazing what a bit of negative energy can do without you even realising it.

I love my job and I enjoy the people I get to meet and I think that I have a lot to be grateful for and if you are reading this then try and do that exercise yourself. Remember what you have and then take it from there. Even if you have to go back to being grateful for having a roof over your head, or clean drinking water. One exercise is to stop looking at the news for a short while, I get so depressed when I see all that is happening and cannot do anything about it. When you are empathic it is easy to allow the negative energy to flow over you and then you are drowning in it, so to speak. If you are in this position right now then do look at what you have and you will be surprised at what you do have in your life.

One example of this is when I get into Manchester early, the amount of people hunched up asleep on the floor outside. It does make you realise we take having a bed to sleep in as a right and not everyone does. So if you are feeling you have nothing then please go back to basics as it has worked with me in the past. Write a list of things that you have in your life that you are glad of.

The other thing is writing up your achievements, for some people this could be fantastic things like running a marathon, for others it could just be walking around the block in your lunch hour. Your achievements should be personal to you, we all have them, things we have done that we are secretly proud of. I think that is an exercise I will be doing this afternoon. One of the main things that I have done that I really am both grateful and proud of is learning to drive. It has made me more independent than I ever hoped for. It has stopped me having to rely on other people when there is a crisis. So today think about the things that you have done, even if it is going somewhere on your own, or learning to cook, anything you are proud of.

I am going to leave it there and let you get on with your lists :) I just wanted to let you all know that I do struggle as well and this last year both in work and personal life there has been a lot of struggling and I am going to make a start on finding a way forward now. So look out now for further blogs.

all my love Suzi .aka. WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx