Living my life as I want to

I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to a cookery program. I left it on for a while and found myself looking at a man holding an octopus dipping it into boiling water for a while to blanch it then laying it to one side and talking about how he needed to do this and then let it rest and then do it again, something to do with the skin. I don't mind saying it didn't just make me feel sick, I wondered how he could just casually stand there holding a dead body like that just talking very casually about it as if it was nothing. Those of you who know me will know that I have been vegetarian for such a long time, around the age of 14 and I will tell you that full story in another blog one time. The fact is that one letter changed my beliefs and I couldn't eat meat after and never have. There is also the fact that I am on a quest to be vegan, and I do keep on slipping back and I will be honest I find it very difficult to keep it up. Watching the cookery program bought it back to me how easy it is to just ignore what you are eating. I was shocked at the Octopus because it was whole and just there a full animal, but with most meats its already cut up and prepared and it doesn't make us think about where it came from. Im not in the habit of telling people what they can and can't eat, but I feel like there should be some respect that it was a life.

I am going back to the vegan challenge because not only is my health bad at the moment with my diabetes and weight issues, I just feel so bad at the way animals are exploited. It is just too easy to buy cheese and eggs and so cheap as well when you think about what they go through to produce these for us to eat.

I was behind a milk tanker the other day and I sat there wondering how many cows it had taken to produce that massive amount of milk. It did really upset me to think about it, and I know that I cannot carry on eating animal products any more.

Some of you reading this will not understand where I am coming from and I am not trying to change peoples mind with this blog, I am just trying to let you know how I feel and how I want to live my life. I am empathic and that has a massive impact on me because I feel emotions from other people and animals. So it makes sense that the older I get the more I am feeling and the less I want to have animal products in my diet, and I accept that it is my personal choice and don't push it onto other people.

The amount of abuse and questioning you get as a vegan, and also just as a vegetarian as well, amazes me. I am not someone that pushes my beliefs onto other people, but if asked I will tell them what I think. People question me and then try to convince me that its wrong of me and that we need milk and cheese for a balanced diet. I usually then tell them that if that is the case we should have factory farms full of women, as the only natural milk we should have is our own. That usually goes down as well as a lead weight and then the arguments start. It does amuse me that my personal preferences that don't affect anyone else at all (because I always bring my own food to events) bring out such a defensive, intolerant attitude amongst other people. I will continue my quest and will update you on how I am getting on, for those of you who are interested that is.

have a lovely day

all my love Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx