2019 - The Sun

Those of you who know me, know that since the year 2000 I have applied the major arcana in the tarot to the years. 2000 being the fool and 2001 being the magician and so forth. Well this year is 2019 and it is the sun and if you are reading this today then you will find your sunshine this year. It will be different for everyone because we do not all like the same things, but rest assured there should be some sunshine coming into your life.

In a general sense this card is about recognizing what we already have around us and enjoying life just for what it is. We had the moon last year which meant that we were going to see the truth illuminated but at the same time, even though it is painful I get the impression that it was what you needed to see.

Personally I save my celebrations for the first new moon, and plan to do the same this year. At one point in my life I would be working hard to make sure I was out celebrating and getting drunk just in order to welcome the new year in. It becomes less and less important to me and I do prefer welcoming the first new moon in and doing my own thing.

So back to the sun, this year should be full of satisfaction and enjoyment. You should start realizing exactly how far you have come and enjoying the positive people around you and letting go of the negative ones. Whatever your path is in 2019 the energy should help you get in touch with your solar plexus chakra which is connected to the sun. This chakra also helps you with gaining control of your life and learning to get the things you want out of life. It is good for personal judgement and I do feel that this year you will finally route out the people that are holding you back in your life, and learn to surround yourself with positive people.

One last thought, it is never too late to let go of something you have been fighting for, even if its something that has been the top of your wish list. If you are being blocked at every corner then you may need to step back from it, and let it go. Think carefully about whether it really is what you want and you may surprise yourself. If spirit are stopping you getting this dream then this year seriously think about whether it is as good as you believe it to be.

Have a lovely 2019 from me Suzi aka WarriorChick13 xxx xxx x xxx xxx