General ramblings and catching up

Its been a while since I last rote a blog and I thought that today I would do a general catch up and tell you all where I am at and then fingers crossed I will start writing something on a weekly basis.

I am currently in recovery with a broken shoulder, although it is 7 weeks or there abouts since I broke it, I am still feeling it sometimes when I over stretch. I am going to the funeral of my friends sister tomorrow who passed away at quite a young age and it will be a sad event, but it has made me reflect on my life and the lives of the people I care about.

My life has changed in a massive way over the last 12 months and I will be blogging about that. One of the main ways is how much I am involved with my local church at the moment. I am focusing on fundraising and how to keep it from closing down and I now have a good friend with a vicar and his wife who have recently moved to a different parish. Its all been a wonderful journey and it is still happening. I am currently building a website for the church so that we can show people what we are doing and how to help and get involved. I will be putting a page on here about it and the events I hope to set up in the future.

I am still trying to get myself into a routine, and it is so hard for me to do that. Im sure I have Faerie blood in me somewhere :) because my mind is always so scattered and I start one thing then in the middle of it remember something else that I should be doing. I love shiny things and am a bit of a hoarder as well. That is the next job I am doing, clearing out and organizing the clutter in home so that I can get back to doing some art work again and making things.

I will say that the one thing that has not changed is how wonderful it is that I work with spirit. I do love it and they never cease to amaze me with how they do things or show me something. Its such a lovely way to live my life and

those around me that have lots of money working in a job

they hate just don't understand why I do it. I do get a

lot of resistance from people in my family who think I should get a proper job. If I did that I would not be happy and the people I come into contact with are amazing. I just need to get

into routine more so that my wages are regular, and not get sidetracked with the many invitations I receive :)

What I would say to bring this short blog to an end is that I have achieved the things I have wanted so far in life, and I have the most amazing job and I know that there is much more to come. I am thankful every day to the spirit I work with for everything they have bought in to me and also the things yet to come. Although possibly the lesson that came with my broken shoulder could have been gentler maybe :)

I can almost here them saying that I should have listened earlier and maybe I wouldnt have had to have that lesson.

Anyway, signing off for now and I hope you have a wonderful day xxx xxx x xxx xxx