Set backs

You will remember a while back I wrote a blog about my training and it has been a bit hit and miss. I will say that at this moment in time I am disappointed with my progress because I have had to miss a lot of sessions and I have been ill as well which has made me miss many more sessions. I am on a break from the training sessions at the moment because I have a really bad cough and I cannot do any sort of exercise without coughing.

However lent is coming up and for those of you who are of the Christian faith you will know that lent is a time of giving things up. I plan to give up dairy again. I have tried before to do this before but this time I thought I would make it a more spiritual journey. As some of you will know I have been attending the local church that I can see from my home and I was at birth baptised at one of the Churches in the parish where I live now. So I feel that I do have a connection with this Church and I am going to follow the lent traditions this year and give up animal products.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I have been a vegan before and I always feel much better in myself and I am going to make the effort and keep it up this time. I remember when I became vegetarian way back when I was a teenager and I never ate meat once I made that decision. I did however bombard myself with the literature from factory farms and kept up to date with the animal cruelty going on, so that may be a plan to remind myself of why I am doing it, other than the health reasons.

So my plan is to get back to my training as soon as possible and make a real big effort to go back to the gym. As soon as my cough stops I will be back there. I do feel that it is time for me to start getting healthy. I am watching people in my family get really ill because of their lifestyle choices and for some of them it is too late, for me I feel it is not. Also there is the moral issue of how dairy animals are treated. If you don't know anything about this then please do look it up. It will sadden you to see what we do to them.

Anyway off my soap box for now, and I will keep you updated in a future blog as to how I am doing once I get back to the gym and I will write some regular blogs on how my vegan diet is going. I will do this in a separate series of blogs so that you can see my journey and how I am doing.

Have a lovely day.