Tell me what to do

I am writing this blog after a particularly difficult reading where the client constantly interrupted me and asked question after question, and then ended the reading by asking me what I thought they should do. This was a typical relationship reading for me where the woman was seeing a man that was engaged and also had an ex that had cheated on her in the past who had been getting back in touch with her. Now for most people reading this its obvious what she should do, kick them both into touch and enjoy her own company until someone that was both single and had respect for her asked her out on a date. However for some people they find it difficult as they either believe that they are not good enough to attract a decent person into their lives, or in a relationship reading often the client believes this person is their soul mate or twin flame, and are unable to let go. ( I will do a blog on that subject at a later date)

Some of you reading this will be thinking... hmmmmm isn't that your job, to tell us what to do and tell us which path to take so we are happy. Well I am here to give advice yes, but what you need to remember when you are having a reading is that this is your life not mine. Also not everything is set in stone and I think that too many people have a reading and then rather than thinking, ok I don't like whats coming in I will take steps to change this, they just put up with their lot and say, well its going to happen anyway the reader said so. I am here to tell you that you can take control of your life, do the things you want to do and don't be scared to say nope I don't like that direction I am going to take this one instead.

I will give you some examples, twice I have been told I am going to have more children, now both times I was a single parent of 3 and I took steps to make sure that it never happened. People have said to me.... ooooh you never had your twins, that reader must have got it wrong.... but he didn't get it wrong, he just warned me, twice may I say in the space of 3 years. The second time I went to the doctors to get my coil checked and it was dislodged and if I hadn't had it checked out I would have got pregnant. The first time I just stayed away from men :)

The other time I have consciously changed my path, was over moving house. I was told several times that I was moving home and that a new house was coming in for me in the next 12 months. I have neighbours that don't appreciate me and my job, and that's putting it politely. (I will do a blog on this at a later date) They were taking steps to try and force me out, and I sat in my alter room one day and promptly told spirit that they could stop sending the messages as I wasn't moving I was staying. That instead they could help me live peacefully in my house and block the negativity. I am still here in my house and have no intentions of moving house until I want to move. There are many more, but those are the times that spring to mind for now.

So getting back to the point, when you have a reading it is about you and your needs, not what I think you should do. I can give advice and say one path looks better than the other and that kind of thing, but ultimately you should be doing what you want, not what I think you should do. I do feel a lot of this comes from people feeling that readers are all knowing and we are not, its just that we tap into our intuition a bit better and can look at your situation with clear eyes because we are not involved in it.

I do get a little bit frustrated with readings when the client will say things like, tell me what to do and I don't know what I want. I am always very respectful with people as sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision but ultimately it is not my life. Also I would like to point out at this time that you need to realise that what you feel you want is not always what will make you happy. I would like to say at this point I am none judgemental and I do see that life is hard sometimes, I have been through enough of my own trials and been in the same boat regarding love at one point in my life, so I do understand, and I have been one of those people that want someone to tell them what to do. Its liberating when you suddenly realise, actually I can have some control over my life.

Ok so I am going to stop rambling on for now and say to you that when it comes to your life, you should be happy. If your in a job you hate, then look to get another one, there will be one out there. I asked spirit for the job I have now and here I am doing it. If you are in an unhappy relationship then dont feel selfish about ending it and if you have children, certainly dont stay for them, its much more damaging for them to be in an unhealthy situation thinking that this is how a relationship should be conducted. This also goes for friendships and interactions with people. Dont spend time with people you dont want to, or in situations that are negative. You know how you want to spend your time and dont let anyone push you into something you dont want to do. I am all for trying new things, but if you have done it once and dont like it, then try not to do it again.

Right Im off for now, I hope this has been useful to you, all my love Suzi xxx xxx x xxx xxx