Whatsapp Message

Whatsapp Message

This is a reading that will be sent to your phone via your WhatsApp messenger service on your phone.  It is best used for one question or something that is not too indepth to answer in one message.  Included in the price is one reply so you can ask me something about the reply if it is not clear to you.  


It can also be used if you simply want a few cards drawing for the week or month a head.  I will endeavor to get the reading done in 24 hours depending on how in demand the service is and the message may sometimes be sent during unsociable hours.


The message will be between 100 and 150 words, there is no restriction on how many words I will send but that is the least ammount you will recieve per message.


Once you have purchased a reading from me then please send a whatsapp message using the number 07988821937 to let me know and I will answer it as soon as I can.  There is no guarentee that I can answer it in 24 hours but I will answer it as soon as I see it.


Any abusive messages sent to me using this number will be reported to the authorities and will result in appropriate action being taken.


This service is for entertainment and you are not to use the advice given as an alternative to a professional person whether that be your doctor or counselor or other professional.  Please do not ask me questions about health or legal matters.