Phone Reading

Phone Reading

This reading is done over the phone, I will ring you and so you need to provide a suitable phone number for me to call you on.

It is always worth booking advance for this service because I have very little time slots that I am available at the moment to do a phone reading.  If you would like a specific time then you should message me via the contact page asking before you book. I will then keep that slot open for you for 24 hours to give you chance to book it.

I use tarot and oracle cards and if needed I have a pedulum I sometimes use. I also have my own hand drawn set of oracle cards that I use to connect with my guides more.  I do not make any claims to have specific abilities I believe my information is channelled from spirit guides and the lovely Angels and Deities I work with, so it is they who are giving you the information, I am just the messenger.


The readings start from £25.  If more than one person wants a reading and you are requiring them one after the other then book all the time together and let me know when you get in touch and I will work it so that you can have your readings one by one.

The reading time always starts once I have laid out the first lot of cards.


This service is for entertainment and you are not to use the advice given as an alternative to a professional person whether that be your doctor or counselor or other professional.  Please do not ask me questions about health or legal matters.