Chat Reading - 30 minutes

This is probably my most popular chat reading. Good for a general reading or if you have more than one question.

  • What is a chat reading?

    A chat reading will be conducted on either skype or facebook and it is just a text reading, there will be no camera involved, just typing. I shuffle the cards and lay them out and connect at this end and then send several messages over the alloted time agreed to explain what I am seeing. You can interact with me asking a question or just in conversation, or you can simply sit back and enjoy the reading.
    It is a very discrete way of recieving a reading in a public place or in the company of other people without them realising what you are doing.  Sat in a coffee shop on your lunch hour, you could be having a reading while enjoying your lunch and drinking your coffee.
    You have a recorded version of the reading to check back on saved to your laptop.
    For those who are a bit anxious about appearing on skype or have a delecate question, its just more discrete and private, and there is less anxiety involved for you than sitting face to face with a reader if you suffer in this way. 
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    website where I work online and provide readings for circle customers.